Arcade Emulator

The Arcade emulation universe is more complicated than other platforms, as there are several systems in the Arcade games are included and usually the ROMs of games are Emulator dependent (the ROM only runs on an specific emulator because it was decrypted for this emulator)

The emulation project that helped alleviate these difficulties was the MAME ( It integrates various Arcade emulators and established a standard for the ROMs formats, which is now followed by several others Arcade emulation projects. Most of ROMs for download on this site, which are for the NeoGeo and CPS2 systems, will run in MAME. You must place the zipped file of ROM and zipped file of the system bios in the roms folder of the emulator. The NeoGeo bios ( and the CPS2 bios ( All site ROMs are checked for the 0.150 version of MAME, but can usually run on any current version of the emulator.

As for the ROMs of Naomi systems (Capcom vs. SNK 1 and 2, Marvel vs. Capcom 2) and Atomiswave (KOF NeoWave, NeoGeo Battle Colisseum, KOF XI, Metal Slug 6 and Samurai Shodown VI), as MAME still not perfectly emulates these systems, you need another emulator, and a good option is the Demul ( This emulator accepts the MAME ROM format. The first step is paste the Atomiswave bios ( and Naomi bios ( in the roms folder. If the game is Naomi, you will need to unzip the rom in any folder on your computer and open the .bin file in the emulator, using the options File >> Run Naomi / Naomi2 >> Load decrypted rom. If the game is Atomiswave, paste the zipped file of the ROM in the roms folder and open the Demul via File >> Run Atomiswave.

To run the Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike, a CPS3 emulator is required. A good option is the CPS3 Emulator, available at To run the game, copy the ROM zipped in the roms folder and open the emulator.

Since the KOF XII is for the system Taito Type X², the ROM comes with an executable. Just open and play!