Q. How to download the ROMs and ISOs at the site?

A. All downloads are made via BitTorrent, a very worthy file sharing P2P protocol. We recommend the qBittorrent.  After the end of the download, you can stay like seed of the file, sharing the file with people interested in it too.

Q. I downloaded the file. And now, how do I do to play?

A. It depends on what is the system of the ROM or ISO you downloaded. At the site's menu, there are links that indicate emulators for each system available. May be needed to extract the files with .zip, .7z or .rar formats. To do this, use WinRAR (rarlab.com) or 7zip (7-zip.org) or another file archiver of your choice.

Q. Are the files blocked by password?

A. No file at the site needs a password to be extracted.

Q. When I extract, the program shows that some file is corrupted. What to do?

A. This is not common, but most of the time is because the files have not been fully downloaded. But if all the files have been downloaded to 100% and you still can not extract, consider that your computer's RAM is in trouble. Try downloading from another computer and extract the file. If it still come corrupted, please let a comment on the site, warning that the file is corrupted. We do not recommend, but if you do not want to wait for the patch, try to extract with 7-Zip, which will extract the file, even corrupted. If the 7-Zip extracts the file and accuse the corruption, know that you will be with a corrupted file, which may not work properly.


Do you have any question? You can utilize the comments below to question about any general doubt about the site. For questions about some especific emulator or game, please use the respective comments session in each especific page of the emulator or game.