PS2 Emulator (Playstation 2)

The best emulator is the PCSX2 ( ). Download the latest compiled version of SVN. The community around this project is huge and well organized, and the emulator has daily updates! On the site you can find a guide to emulator configuration. You will need a bios ( DOWNLOAD ). Unzip on bios emulator folder.

Here are some tips for a great emulation:

  1. If you play on a widescreen monitor, enable patches to widescreen in System > > Enable Widescreen Patches . These patches will adjust the 3D graphics of the game to take advantage of all the pixels of space on your monitor 16:9 without "stretch" the image.
  2. Optimize emulation settings ( Configuration > > Emulation Settings ), varying according the game and your PC. If you do not have a very good PC, use a more aggressive preset setup (the number on the bottom left, the higher the number, the more aggressive). For the more powerful PCs, preset 3, balanced, should work fine. If your PC has more than 3 cores, enable the MTVU Speed ​​Hacks.
  3. The configuration that more affects the quality of the graphics is increase the internal resolution, which can be changed in the settings of video plugin. An internal resolution of 4X the native resolution of the PS2 will provide a more detailed graphics than the PS2 own.